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This site hosts my contest graphics, icon projects and various icon sets. This is by no means all of my graphics. For a more complete and up-to-date archive, it's best to visit my graphics journal. For my other sites, visit lilbreck.across-a-pond.com.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer 4.19 New Moon Rising Buffy the Vampire Slayer 4.20 The Yoko Factor Buffy the Vampire Slayer 4.21 Primeval Buffy the Vampire Slayer 4.22 Restless
Star Trek: The Original Series 1.01 The Man Trap Star Trek: The Original Series 1.02 Charlie X Star Trek: The Original Series 1.03 Where No Man Has Gone Before Star Trek: The Original Series 1.04 The Naked Time
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In which I slash Jones.


Wednesday, 13-jan-10 - It's been 3 months. Forgive me? I come bearing Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Star Trek: The Original Series icons as well as a Star Trek episode told in Macros. Hopefully, I'll be updating more often. Enjoy!

Sunday, 4-oct-09 - Yes, it's been a bit. I have icons from the new series The Vampire Diaries, namely from the first episode. I'll be working on more Star Trek, Xena, and, of course, BtVS and Vampire Diaries icons. Enjoy!

Monday, 3-aug-09 - Yes, it's been a while. But, I have new icons for you! I have BtVS 4.19 - 4.22 up {BtVS icons link to episode page}, as well as icons for Star Trek: The Original Series episode 1.01 - 1.04 {ST icons link to episode page as well}. And, last, but never least, I have Xena: Warrior Princess icons. Those don't link anywhere, but they're still pretties!

Sunday, 29-mar-09 - Wow, it's been a while! I added up the icons for BtVS season 4 15- 18 as well as 20 icons from the movie Labyrinth. Each BtVS icon listed above links to that episode's icon page, and the Labyrinth icon leads to the Labyrinth icon page. No other graphics as of yet. Not sure when I'll be adding more, as we have a new addition to the family coming soon.

Wednesday, 28-jan-09 - And we've added 10-14 of BtVS season 4. Each BtVS icon listed above links to that episode's icon page. I've also added 3 AtS icons, 3 AtS headers, and 3 AtS desktops, all Fred and/or Illyria. You have to click for a larger view of the headers and desktops. Enjoy!

Saturday, 13-dec-08 - I've added episodes 5-9 of BtVS season 4. Each BtVS icon listed above links to that episodes icon page. Also, I've added three more Smallville icons and one more Dr. Who icon. They link nowhere. Sorry. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 28-oct-08 - And I've added the first 4 episodes of BtVS season 4. Each icon up top listed under 'Episode icons' leads to that episode's icon page! Also, I've added two, just two, misc. icons. They link to nowhere, it's just the two icons. *sniff*. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 21-oct-08 - I've added the final two episodes for BtVS season 3 and the final episode from Smallville season 1. I've also put up a Smallville season one moodtheme. Icons/preview links to the page you can find these offerings on. Enjoy!

eta: I also just put up the mood theme for BtVS s3!

Sunday, 21-sep-08 - I've added icons for BtVS 3.20: The Prom, and well as icons for Smallville 1.20: Obscura. If you want to see the blanks as well, you'll have to go to the episode pages. The icons link to them. Just a couple more episodes, and I'll be offering up journal moodthemes for each of these seasons!

Thursday, 14-aug-08 - And we've updated again! The text icons that I've added are shown at the top of this page. However, to see the blanks as well, you'll have to go to the episode pages, which the icons link to.

Tuesday, 8-jul-08 - Yeah, it's been a bit. Well, like, 2 months. If you look just above here, you'll see some new Smallville desktops and icons I've added. I'll be getting back to my icon project very soon here. Wish me luck!

Friday, 9-may-08 - Well, I've changed my layout! I've also added some graphics I missed here and there. And, I've added some new stuff, such as Smallville 1.16 [Stray], 1.17 [Reaper] and BtVS 3.16 [Doppelgängland] and 3.17 [Enemies]. Feel free to let me know if there are any broken or messed up links.

Tuesday, 2-oct-07 - I've uploaded some misc. Smallville icons [here] as well as episode icons for Smallville [up to 1.15: Nicodemus] and for BtVS [up to 3.15: Consequences].

Tuesday, 11-sep-07 - I've uploaded icons for both Smallville [up to 1.12: Leech] and BtVS [3.12: Helpless], as well as added a page for my manipulations. You can find a link to that last through the Misc. Graphics page under TV.

Sunday, 24-jun-07 - I've uploaded icons for BtVS 3.10: "Amends", 3.11: "Gingerbread", Smalville 1.06: "Hourglass", and 1.07: "Craving". Enjoy!

Sunday, 6-may-07 - I've uploaded icons for BtVS 3.09: "The Wish", Smallville 1.05: "Cool", text icons from Jim Butcher's "White Night" to misc graphics >> book, movie & music icons.

Saturday, 7-apr-07 - I've uploaded icons for BtVS 3.08: "Lover's Walk" and Smallville 1.04: "X-Ray". I've also updated the the AtS and BtVS pages in the misc graphics >> tv section, as well as adding a Smallville and SpongeBob SquarePants page to that section. I've also organized and added icons to the misc graphics >> movie section. Enjoy!

Sunday, 1-apr-07 - I've uploaded icons for BtVS 3.07: "Revelations" and Smallville 1.03: "Hothead". Enjoy!

Tuesday, 27-mar-07 - Wow, it's been a year! We've definitely done some re-organizing. We've also added icons to the episode sets. We're up to BtVS 3.06 and We've added the first two episodes of Smallville. If you find any problems with the site, feel free to e-mail me and let me know. Hopefully, I'll be a whole lot better at updating here. Sorry about the wait.

Tuesday, 28-mar-06 - Well, it's been quite a while, hasn't it? I've got a new layout up, and some new graphics as well! Check out the Sets page to see some of my newer icons. I promise I'm getting back in the swing of things.

Friday, 4-nov-05 - I really didn't mean to leave this site without an update section. Oops! Well, better late than never! I've added an affiliate: Before Sunrise. I'll just have to remember to write in the updates from now on.